Where to find BBB

In addition to the Des Moines Farmers’ Market, you can find Better Butter Bureau at the Iowa Food Co-Op, used in Chef Katie’s Farm to Table meals every Thursday at the Wallace House, or by simply emailing carter@bebubu.com. 

Why the Iowa Food Coop? The website puts it simply:

We’re Local, We’re Fresh and Tasty, We’re Responsible

  • All of our products are sold by producers who have grown, made, or raised each item
  • 85% of what you pay for the foods you buy goes straight to our farmer-owners
  • We help protect Iowa’s air, water, soil and wildlife by supporting farming practices that enhance the environment
  • “Money stays local.”
  • “Better tasting.”
  • “Good prices.”
  • “Know who produces what you eat.”
  • “Customizable orders.”
  • “Convenient ordering from home.”
  • “Everything you want in one purchase.”

Information on Chef Katie’s Farm to Table meals at the Wallace House can be found at the following link.

Farm to Table Dining