BBB Now at the Iowa Food Coop!

November to May can be a cold and dreary time…. In order to cheer up your taste buds during this time and ensure the holidays are filled with the best butter around, BBB has set up shop with the Iowa Food Coop.

Why the Iowa Food Coop? The website puts it simply:

“We’re Local, We’re Fresh and Tasty, We’re Responsible

  • All of our products are sold by producers who have grown, made, or raised each item
  • 85% of what you pay for the foods you buy goes straight to our farmer-owners
  • We help protect Iowa’s air, water, soil and wildlife by supporting farming practices that enhance the environment.

We’re Fresh, We’re Tasty

  • “Money stays local.”
  • “Better tasting.”
  • “Good prices.”
  • “Know who produces what you eat.”
  • “Customizable orders.”
  • “Convenient ordering from home.”
  • “Everything you want in one purchase.”

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